Toyomotor Exhibition (in Kariya City Art Museum)

What is the TOYOMOTOR ?
TOYOMOTOR is the name of a motorcycle made by the TOYOMOTORS co.,ltd. Established in Kariya city, Aichi in 1949 by Mr.KAZUO KAWAMADA(川真田和汪) who worked at TOYOTA MOTOR Technical Center. The company name “TOYO” is (not means east asia) attached to respect TOYOTA, but there is no capital relationship. However, it is sold nationwide through the Toyota sales network by TOYOTA TSUSHO Corporation, coz TOYOMOTORS was de facto member of the TOYOTA group.(Wikipediaより抜粋)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor model R 60cc(1950)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor model ED 60cc(1952)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor Toyolight model G 90cc(1952)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor model E8 90cc(1955)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor model FE-S15 150cc(1956)

[TOMATH AUTO UNION]Tomath 100cc(1957)

[TOYOMOTORS]Toyomotor model FJ 220cc(1959)

Other vintage motorcycle (made in Japan)

[KATAYAMA SANGYO]Olympus S-1A 150cc(1952)

[OKAMOTO BYCYCLE]Noritsu KB 60cc(1954)

[MIZUHO MOTORS]Cabton RBH Knightly 350cc(1954)

[ITO MOTORS]IMC-K 250cc(1954)

[SHIN MITSUBISHI JUKOGYO]Silver Pigeon C-70 125cc(1955)

[KUME SANGYO]Kume KKK 125cc(1956)

[KATAYAMA SANGYO]Olympus Super twin 250cc(1961)

[HODAKA MOTORCYCLES]Hodaka 125MX 125cc(1974)