“Performance damper” is different from “Power beam”


Performance damper(New) Power beam(Old)
Model B9F-211H0-00 3HT-211-H00-000
Price JPY28,000. JPY28,000.
Weight 520g 613g
Length 275mm 340mm
Correspond All SR(1978~) only FI type(2010~)
Carb. type Yes(Compatible) No(Required processing)
Installation about 20 mins about 20 mins
Instructions PDF PDF
Official web site WEB WEB

Direct inquiry

I asked Mr.S of Y’s Gear(Y’s) directly via email and phone, coz its difficult to understand the difference in performance only by looking at the Comparison-table.

I「What has changed with this model change?」
Y’s「The performance dampers for SR of this time are based on “for SEROW” and “for TMAX” model change. Since the performance damper developed for the new SEROW and the new TMAX succeeded in shortening, it was diverted for SR. As a result, we were able to handle all the years from the old Carburetor-SR to the new FI-SR(with canister).」

I「The performance dampers is upward compatible with Power Beam?」
Y’s「There is no recognition as an upward. With shortening aimed at improving vehicle layout performance, there is no major change in Power Beam and internal mechanism.」 

I「Is there a difference in the damper?」
Y’s「Besides shortening, there is almost no difference as a performance. However, since the tuning is reviewed and optimized according to the change of the mounting position, the damping frequency band may be slightly changed.」

I「What effect does it have by changing the mounting stay from frame mount to engine mount?」
Y’s「Since there is no big difference in the damping mechanism of the damper main body between PB and PD, there is not much difference in terms of vibration control performance, but since the rear mounting position was changed, low frequency band vibration (vibration transmitted to the vehicle body) We have obtained the evaluation result that we can damp more effectively more effectively.」

I「Can users select and use?」
Y’s「As for Power Beam, it will be discontinued as soon as inventory runs out.」

Performance comparison summary

There are two major differences in this model change. All year type correspondence by mounting position change. It was that it worked effectively against low vibration rotation (idling) by tightening the engine mount together.