Don’t mount iPhone on motorcycle

iPhone camera shaking forever

Below is an excerpt from Twitter

↑XS max







The models are different, but all are iPhone users.(Determined from tweet client)

Why the image stabilizer was broken?

It is vibration from the engine. Vibration from the motorcycle breaks optical image stabilizer and always shakes. Bicycles with large vibrations, such as a single engine, have a significantly higher incidence than multiple engines.

add, there are reports that optical image stabilization has been broken by strong shocks such as dropping as well as continuous motorcycle vibration.

Not the rolling shutter.(Wikipedia)


☑Don’t mount.

if you do not want to break it is sure.

☑Change mounter.

Examining the case, the handle mount seems to be the most fragile. So why not change to anti-vibration mount or move from handle to Petrol tank?

☑Anti-vibration handle

Suppressing the vibration of the steering wheel not only protects iPhone, but also reduces the burden on the body.



☑Switch to Android.

This is a phenomenon that can occur on Android because it is not unique to the iPhone, but has not been reported yet.

☑Buy used smartphone.

If you don’t want to switch to android, why not buy a used smartphone by dividing it for navigation(for motorcycles).

A little help

This is a forced measure that fixes the lens by applying a magnet from behind. Secondary failure due to magnetic force is possible, so please take responsibility at your own risk.