Wear a ”YAMAHA POWER BEAM(Anti-vibration Chassis Damper)” on the old SR

I will install the power beam to the old SR.

Can the power beam be equipped only with FI-SR?

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Three years have passed since it was released, it seems to be a equipped bikes. I just saw it, but I do not think that it is increasing clearly. Again, this power beam is for FI-SR.

Applicable model:Fuel injection SR after 2010 model(TYPE:3HTR~3HTW)

Therefore, total number of sales declined. The introduction became longer, the matter of “Can we attach POWER BEAM to old SR?”

In conclusion, YES.

I will explain it because processing becomes necessary.

Why FI-SR only?

In my old SR, the stay supporting the battery box (red circle) is welded to the frame and the bracket of the damper can not be attached. Conversely speaking, you can wear SR500 or XT500 if you cut it here.

Frame processing

The point is that the frame should be smoothed.

This time I will cut the red line.

I cut it, but since welding traces are left, and shave to the flat.

You will cut it to the extent that you can convince.

Finish painting at the end. I used anti-rust paint.


It is only to assemble it as described in the instruction manual.


振動の角が取れた。波形で言うところの高域帯をカットしたような感じ。パワーバンドである6000〜も出し易い。4000前後にある極振動は相変わらず。制振効果はフロント側が高い。ハンドルへの振動が激減するので長距離運転に効果あり。ケツはブレる。 フレームの振動が抑えられることで各パーツ部品への保護が期待できる。